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Structure Design

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Structure Design

Detyl Optoelectronics has a strong mechanical structure design ability. Its structural team not only has a strong design ability for traditional Ophotoelectric product systems, but also has a lot of design experience and design ability for the newly developed lens installation structure, mechanical transmission structure, waterproof structure and other product structures of digital , thermal and photoelectric products.

In the field of optoelectronic imaging structure, the focusing structure designed by the structural design team can be assembled directly without grinding, so that the product can have a good focusing feel. Under the conditions of ensuring the connection strength of moving parts, anti-fatigue use, strong impact resistance, high pressure waterproofing and other requirements, the product can be guaranteed not to adjust the vacancy position, low processing progress and high precision. Cooperative effect.

In terms of the anti-fatigue impact design of sights, the structure design of Detyl Optoelectronics, with the simplest and ingenious design, meets the impact test of high strength, and its mechanical structure performance remains unchanged. The stability and reliability of the product are improved. Provide guarantee for harsh use environment of high performance photoelectric products.

In the aspect of waterproofing design, the waterproofing structure of Detyl ophotoelectric design is simple and ingenious. In the same industry waterproofing has generally not reached the level of IP67,Detyl ophotoelectric products waterproofing has reached the level of IP7X/IP8X. It lays a solid foundation for the underwater use of photoelectric products. In addition, the self-locking adjustment design of Titai photoelectric soft helmet is the simplest, practical and classical structure design in this kind of structure.

Based on the design experience and ability of Detyl OPhotoelectric Junction Electronic Software Design Team, not only ensures the excellent quality and cost advantages of Titai Photoelectric products, but also designs customized and personalized products that fully meet customer needs according to customer's wishes, laying a solid foundation for customer's market promotion.

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