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Electronic Software Design

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Electronic Software Design

No matter what product, as long as it is related to electronics, it can not be separated from electronics and supporting software. The stability of electronic system and software is the key to product success. Detyl Optoelectronic Software and Hardware Design Team, with more than 20 years of experience in the development and design of electronic software and hardware, plays an important role in the performance, quality and stability of optoelectronic products.

In addition to the advantages of optical and structural design, the function and stability of electronics and software are particularly important for the performance of an optoelectronic product. Electronic and software are the soul of products. Intelligent and functional realization of products are realized by electronic software.

Detyl oPhotoelectric Electronic Software Design Team has made an important contribution to the performance advancement of detyl products. The detection and control systems of various low-light-level products have been designed successively; the special high-voltage shutter power supply for night vision; the video processing system for day-and-night digital sights; and the application software and hardware of thermal image products. Titai Optoelectronic Electronic Software Design has been in the forefront of the same industry.

The product electronic software system designed by detyl Optoelectronics not only has high design index, low design cost, large redundancy, low power consumption, stable and reliable performance, but also has very unique ability in product function design innovation. For example, non-contact head-wear flip detection, electronic analog optical doubling technology, ingenious design, simple implementation, stable performance, and good productivity.  It guarantees the good rate of mass production and the consistency of products.

Based on the design experience and ability of Titai Photoelectric Junction Electronic Software Design Team, not only ensures the excellent quality and cost advantages of Titai Photoelectric products, but also designs customized and personalized products that fully meet customer needs according to customer's wishes, laying a solid foundation for customer's market promotion.

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